MyClub eFootball PES 2022: How to get started, tips and advice –

MyClub is one of the most popular eFootball modes. In this guide, you will find our tips and advice to get started in eFootball 2022. eFootball 2022 will be available on September 30, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. If this year, the game changes its model by becoming a free-to-play, the gameplay has basically not changed too much, so find below our tips and tricks to get started on one of the most popular modes of the players, MyClub.

How to get started in eFootball 2022 MyClub?

Check out some tips to get your MyClub experience off to a good start in eFootball 2022.

Use your parts efficiently

Don’t spend all of your coins at the start or if you absolutely want to, treat yourself to a top coach or buy featured players or teams. So don’t spend them on renewing contracts but instead use GPs, which are much easier to obtain.

Invest in youth

If you want to save, bet on young players with high potential. Some of the silver players can go up to a 90+ rating when you max it out, so a good way to save GPs or coins for players or coaches that would be really needed in your lineup.

Use your renewal contracts sparingly

Use these renewal contracts on your most expensive players.

Register multiple teams

Recovery is an important part of MyClub. In order to be able to let the players of your main team rest and thus avoid using recovery items, we recommend that you register simulation teams, 3 or 5 stars. To do this, go to List of teams in Club House / Team management.

Manage your trainer

Each multiple of 10 in terms of level, your trainer will provide more experience for your players. So pay attention to the level of your trainer. Also, consider using your manager’s skill boost items to level up faster.

Take advantage of doubles or triples

During your games, you will quickly have players or coaches in doubles or triples, or even more. Use one of your two copies to train the other.

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