Mr. Mime Pokemon Unite, best builds, moves and items

Mr. Mime is part of the Pokémon Unite adventure. What are its capacities and how to play it? Pokémon Unite is coming to Switch, and you can choose from around 20 different fighters. Mime is one of the Support Pokémon in Pokémon Unite. Discover in detail its capabilities and our tips for playing it.

Mr. Mime in Pokémon Unite

Roles Difficulty Close Intermediate Support

Recommended build of Mr. Mime in Pokémon Unite

Recommended moves

Light Screen Start Move
(Wall Light) Level 4 Confusion
(Mental Shock) Level 6 Barrier

Recommended objects

Wise Glasses Exp. Share
(Multi Exp) Buddy Barrier

Mr. Mime’s moves in Pokémon Unite


Every third attack is boosted and does additional damage. Also repels enemies.


(Filter) Damage received after using an ability is reduced.

Levels 1 to 3

Fake out
(Bluff) Cooldown Movement: 7 secs The pitcher claps his hands, knocking opponents back. Light Screen
(Wall of Light) Creates a wall of light that prevents opposing Pokémon from passing.

Level 4

Choose between two spells to replace the Bluff spell. Confusion
(Mind Shock) Cooldown Movement: 6 sec Attack straight in front of the caster, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. Improvement: Increases Psychic damage
(Psyko) Zone, Stun, Buff Cooldown: 6 sec A psychic explosion that deals damage and lowers special defense for a short time. Also stuns the opposing Pokémon if it is hit multiple times. Enhancement: Do continuous damage and decrease the movement speed of affected Pokémon

Level 6

Choose between two spells to replace the Wall Light spell. Barrier
(Shield) Creates a transparent wall that prevents opposing Pokémon from passing through. The cooldown is triggered when 2 walls have been placed. Improvement: Increases Guard Swap ability usage by 1
(Swap) The caster swaps their special defense for that of a Pokémon. An opposing Pokémon takes damage and has its movement speed reduced. The caster and a friendly Pokémon have their movement speed increased. Upgrade: Restores health to the caster and allied Pokémon

Level 9: Unite Move

(Drama) Zone, Stun Cooldown: 1 sec (load required) A mysterious performance that prevents opponents from acting in a large area

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