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In Fortnite, in Season 3 of Chapter 3, a challenge asks you to use a motorized canoe. Discover all vehicle locations. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 started this Sunday, June 5, 2022. As always, Epic Games has planned a lot of additional content such as skins including one for Darth Vader and Indiana Jones, a new battle pass, a new character named de Geno, but also the possibility of riding wolves. Obviously, some things do not change in Fortnite so as not to completely disorient players during a new season. Since Chapter 3, the map has been redesigned and, as before, it is possible to find any kind of structure and landscape. To get around, there are motorized canoes that allow players to move quickly through the waterways. Some weeks, challenges even invite you to use them to collect experience on the battle pass. But where to find the motorized canoes in season 3 of chapter 3 on Fortnite?

Where to find a motorized canoe on Fortnite in chapter 3 season 3?

There are several locations where it is possible to find Motorized Boats in a Fortnite game. To help you, we took a screenshot of this interactive map offered by Fortnite.GG. Thanks to it, you can see all the available slots where it is possible to obtain a motorized canoe.
Map locations of motorized canoes in Fortnite in season 3 of chapter 3 – Source: fortnite.ggTo help you also, here is what a motorized canoe looks like in Fortnite. This is a boat equipped with high-speed thrusters to move you quickly through the water. Its use is very simple since it is the same as for land vehicles.
Example of a Motorized Canoe in FortniteIn addition, a summer challenge, No Sweat Summer, asks you to use a Motorized Canoe and stay in the air with it for 3s. The challenge is very simple as you just need to use a ramp which allows you to jump with a canoe. The ramps are in the water towards the summer festivities on the occasion of the event. Join the community on Discord, play Fortnite with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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