Minecraft breaks new monthly user record – now over 141 million

No matter what happens to Minecraft in the future, the game will always be considered one of the most successful video games to ever exist. However, many gamers began to believe that the brand was no longer as relevant as it was during the early years of the game’s rise in global consciousness. This may not be the case, as data shared by Mojang during the Minecraft Live 2021 livestream shows that the game has hit a new all-time high for active monthly users. As of August, the game had over 141 million active users. Over 67% of those active players have used the Minecraft Marketplace, which Mojang estimated at $ 350 million in revenue. Related: How To Fly With A Trident In Minecraft Over One Billion Hours Of Minecraft Have Been Played In Multiplayer, And Over 201 Billion Hours Of Minecraft YouTube Videos Have Been Watched In 2020. That Makes Minecraft the most watched gaming topic on YouTube in 2020. Minecraft has always been profitable. game and would likely continue to be a big hit even if it didn’t match the same earnings at its absolute peak. But Minecraft has still seen impressive growth this year. In April, Windows Central reported that the game had around 140 million monthly active users. This means that Minecraft was able to increase its active users by over a million in four months. Its impressive numbers and further prove the resistance of Minecraft. To learn more about Minecraft, keep reading the Pro gaming guides.

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