Metroid Dread Robot Chozo Boss Fight Guide

Metroid Dread’s Robot Chozo boss fight is one of the more difficult battles at this point in the game, but you need to pay close attention to Chozo’s attacks. Ferenia’s first fight is definitely not the last of its kind in Metroid Dread. Fortunately, the first boss fight is the hardest given your limited arsenal and the space restrictions the arena places on you. Here’s how to beat Robot Chozo the first time around and prepare for future encounters.

Chozo Boss robot combat strategy

Unlike other boss fights in Metroid Dread, there is no shortcut to handling this one. You are forced to take this path to Ferenia, and there is no way to fight Chozo and no tool makes it any easier just yet. Robot Chozo only has a few moves to deal with. One is a beam attack similar to Samus’ charge beam, another is a standard beam attack, but the one you really need to watch out for is the charged melee strike. The charged melee strike is easy to spot since Robot Chozo’s shield glows red before it attacks. The easiest way to deal with all of these threats is to jump and use Flash Shift to escape quickly, then turn around and fire as many missiles as possible at the robot. Robot Chozo is only vulnerable to missiles (or charge beam strikes) after attacking or from behind, so don’t waste your ammo if he hits head-on. Some players report that Robot Chozo succeeds in a melee attack that you can counter. I never stayed close enough to see if this was true, but if you catch a glimpse of the telltale reflection, it’s worth staying to land a counter and shorten the fight. This is not the last time you will see Robot Chozo. There is another Robot Chozo fight when you return to Ghavoran, plus a two-player fight in Ferenia’s upper hall. That’s all you need to know about how to beat Robot Chozo boss (every time) in Metroid Dread. It may take a bit of practice, but you will get it! If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, be sure to look at our other Metroid Dread guides.

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