Metroid Dread Cataris 100% Completion Guide

As you journey through the planet ZDR as bounty hunter Samus Aran, you will quickly find yourself in a new area called Cataris. This is a heated area, so you may need to prepare. In this area, many secrets are to be discovered. Here is 100 percent of all the items you can find in the second area, Cataris.

All Cataris Power Bomb tanks

Power Bomb # 1

Access the large room with magnetic strips on each side. Climb the one on the right, jump to the magnetic wall on the left, then Grapple Beam above. Enter the Grapple Harness Door. You have to destroy many blocks in a timely manner then snap to the magnetic wall to drop the platform. Destroy the beam blocks first, then drop two bombs or a cross bomb if you have it. Then quickly destroy the Rocket Blocks. Jump and pull the platform down.

Power Bomb # 2

Two rooms to the left of Cataris Map Station is a Morph Ball tunnel. Navigate through the middle of this tunnel, just to the left where it drops, and Power Bomb. To reveal a secret area. Now you need to complete a Speed ​​Boost puzzle. Go down the long corridor above this area, go left to right and Speed ​​Boost. Shoot the door, slide under the breach, then Shinespark. Slide immediately to the left into the tunnel. Go down the secret tunnel and once on the beam block under Shinespark to the right.

Energy bomb n ° 3

Requirements Before the Gravity Suit Inside the Kraids boss room, in the lava on the far right, is a hidden Morph Ball tunnel. In the next room is a maze of morph balls. The image above shows you the bomb blocks you need to destroy. Everywhere else there is a Pitfall Block. Once at the top, Grapple Beam the Grapple Beam Block to get your prize.

All energy tanks / parts tanks in Cataris

Energy Part # 1

Once you’ve changed the heat flow and drained the lava down the winding passage, navigate to the opposite side, so you’re in the area below. Follow the path to claim the energy part.

Energy tank # 2

Conditions Everything Before / and Phantom Cloak After you’ve changed the heat flow and drained the lava through the winding passage, navigate to the opposite side, so you’re in the area below. Spider magnet on the magnetic platform and lower it. Now head to the room above, through the sensor door to grab the full electronic tank and continue your progress.

Energy Part # 3

Conditions Before the / and Power Bomb Underneath the purple teleporter is a hidden area. Before going down, open the grapple door to the right and before the blocked door, jump above and Morph Ball into space. On the other side, shoot using the wave beam and unlock the door. Go to the room below and remove the grapple harness block. Now go under the purple teleporter by pulling on the ground and follow it. At the bottom, you must be able to bombard the wall to access the next passage. Then go back to the far left and Speed ​​Boost immediately after breaking the Speed ​​Booster, Shinespark blocks. Keep going until you see Speed ​​Booster blocks above you. Lights up. When you reach the top, immediately Flash Shift to the right to grab the ledge. Related: 100% Metroid Dread Artaria Completion Guide

All missile capabilities in Cataris

Missile capacity +2 # 1

Missile capacity +2 # 2

Conditions All before / and the Morph Ball To the northeast of the Ataria Elevator, a room is guarded by a rock beam enemy. Once defeated, hug the far right wall and teleport to get the upgrade.

Missile capacity +2 # 3

This missile capability is located under the Network Station room. Above the Total Charging Station is a Morph Ball Tunnel. Enter it for upgrade. It can only be acquired by entering from the left, as you have to destroy the mass of the wall to enter from the right.

Missile capacity +2 # 4

Above the room, you have defeated Experiment Z-57. In the upper left corner are the screw attack blocks. Go through them.

Missile capacity +2 # 5

In this room, if you fail a jump, you will fall into the lava and take damage. You have to carefully jump from platform to platform, eliminating all enemies. Then jump off the far right wall.

Missile capacity +2 # 6

All Before / and Diffusion Beam Conditions Shoot the wall masses with your Diffusion Beam, then Morph Ball through the tunnels.

Missile capacity +2 # 7

Conditions All Before / and Scatter Beam Shoot the blocks to the side, climb in, jump out of them to reach the one above, Hang on the ledge and shoot at the magnetic wall on the right. Then pull your broadcast beam over to ground to allow access to the upgrade.

Missile capacity +2 # 8

All Before / and Gravity Suit Conditions. Above the Kraids boss room, there is a lava tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is the upgrade.

Missile capacity +10 # 9

This ability upgrade is hard to miss. As before the West Save Station, there is a series of Morph Ball tunnels. To the far right of the second tunnel is the +10 capacity boost. Related: How To Beat Escue In Metroid Dread

Missile capacity +2 # 10

All Before / Conditions and Gravity Suit This is a Speed ​​Booster puzzle. From left to right on the ground. Activate Speed ​​Boost right away by pulling in front of you. Slide, then hit the Speed ​​Booster blocks.

Missile capacity +2 # 11

Shoot the beam blocks in front of you, but don’t destroy them all. You need at least one support to jump up and grab the ledge above.

Missile capacity +2 # 12

Once the EMMI is destroyed, head southwest of this area, where you need the morph ball to access the upgrade. It is essential because it is progress.

Missile capacity +2 # 13

Conditions All Before and the Morph Ball In the room below the northeast save station, a blue magnetic wall lines the top of this room. You have to go through the magnetic wall and shoot the rocket blocks, then grab the edge of the ledge. But there is a powerful robot here that can do a lot of damage. Still, it has counterattack openings if you’re patient,

Missile capacity +2 # 14

Space Jump to the top of the area, enter the Morph Ball tunnel. Use bombs on all the blocks, fall and bomb again.

Missile capacity +2 # 15

All Before / and Morph Bombs Conditions In this room, move the Wide Beam block and bomb the ground below where it was. Go down, and on the far left, shoot once to destroy the Block and Morph Ball inside. For more Metroid Dread guides, Guides has you covered!

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