Meditation in Kena Bridge of Spirits, location of places –

The places of meditation are hidden in the environment of Kena Bridge of Spirits. Where can I find the meditation points in the game? Kena Bridge of Spirits offers a vast and colorful world for players on Playstation 5, Playstation 4 and PC (Epic Games Store). In order to uncover all the secrets of the game, you will have to find the places of meditation. These places are very important for your quest and will allow you to gain life points.

Location of meditation places in Kena Bridge of Spirits

There are a total of 12 meditation places in Kena Bridge of Spirits, and these places will be of great help in your quest. Indeed, they will allow you to regain life, but also to increase your total bar. We therefore advise you to visit as many as possible.In order for you to find them all, here are the locations of each meditation place: Remember to click to open the map in large and find all the meditation places in the story places are not immediately available in the adventure. You will have to challenge certain bosses and recover specific powers in order to be able to go to these places.


There are 3 meditation points located in the Village.

Taro tree

You will find 1 place of meditation near the Taro tree.

Rusu Mountain

The Rusu mountain contains 1 place of meditation.

Forgotten Forest

You will have to explore the forest to find 2 places of meditation.


There are 4 places of meditation to discover in this part of the map.

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