Masahiro Sakurai reveals how Sora became Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

Masahiro Sakurai explains the process of integrating Sora into Super Smash Bros. in his bi-monthly Famitsu column. The column received a rough translation on Facebook from gaming journalists @PushDustIn and @KodyNOKOLO. According to the translations, neither Sakurai nor Nintendo were sure to bring Sora into Smash. Although Sora was the number one chosen character in the Smash poll, the Fighters Pass Two DLC did not originally include him. It was only going to be five fighters, just like Fighters Pass One — Min Min, Steve, Sephiroth, Pyra / Mythra, and Kazuya were all already decided before Team Smash could get the green light to bring in Sora. Luckily, Sakurai was able to meet a Disney representative at an awards show. This is where Sakurai mentioned the desire to bring Sora into Smash. From there, Nintendo had long and careful discussions with Square Enix and Disney. Eventually, Sakurai and his team got the nod and were allowed to put Sora in Smash. That’s why Fighter Pass Two has gone from five to six characters. Related: All Kingdom Hearts Games In Order But One Day An Opportunity Presented. At a certain awards venue, Sakurai was fortunate enough to meet a Disney representative. They said it would be great if Sora could come in! – PushSusIn (@PushDustIn) October 20, 2021 Originally, FP2 was slated to only have 5 fighters in the pass, just like FP1. All the fighters had been decided, but it looked like Sora would be able to join them after all. So even though it was quite difficult, it was decided to increase the number of fighters in FP2! – PushSusIn (@PushDustIn) October 20, 2021 Sakurai’s fateful meeting with the Disney rep echoes developer Tetsuya Nomura’s meeting with a Disney rep in an elevator to create Kingdom Hearts. Another thing Sakurai talked about in the column was how complicated it made Sora. The Smash team had to follow a lot of guidelines, and Disney and Square Enix oversaw them. Creating DLCs also took as much development time as working on a full game. Ultimately, Sakurai says he was happy working on Ultimate and that the next column will be the end of his bi-weekly column in Famitsu. For more on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Kingdom Hearts, stay on Guides.

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