Marvel’s Midnight Suns First Gameplay Showcases Card-Based Combat System

In a new trailer revealing the gameplay Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the deck-building combat system was discussed in detail. There was not even a word about her in the cinematic video shown earlier.

If you missed the presentation of the new game last week, we announce: Marvel’s Midnight Suns 0H tactical RPG from Firaxis – the studio that gave us the games of the Civilization series and XCOM. Jake Solomon, the creative director of the project, assures that the game will be significantly different from XCOM, and now we also learned that the battles will be built on the card butler system. Check out the trailer below:

In it, Doctor Strange can be seen using a technique called “Agamotto’s Gaze”, as well as Magic, controlling a map with a portal that completely absorbs the enemy. And then there is Wolverine with a Power Slash card that allows the hero to knock back his opponent.

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