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In Final Fantasy 14, it is possible to collect many mounts including Markab. We tell you how to get it on FF14. Final Fantasy 14 allows players, since its release, to obtain many weapons to improve their characters such as Anima weapons or even to obtain mounts to move more quickly in certain areas of the game. Square Enix’s MMORPG, we find Markab and which can be obtained by recovering a specific object. We tell you how to get it.

How to get the Markab mount in Final Fantasy 14?

If you want to add the Markab mount to your collection, well, you’re going to have to complete a dungeon, the Tree of Judgment on Extreme and defeat the boss Ramuh inside in order to have a chance of getting the Horn. of Markab as a reward. This Cor once collected allows you to call Markab.How to get Markab in FF14 (credits: V4RJ)It should be noted that if you want to farm the boss solo, it is possible to get out of sync and thus have your usual ilvl without must be reduced to level 50. We remind you in passing that the Markab mount is part of the entire “primordial” collection. The entire collection is required to unlock the Kirin mount from the Wandering Minstrel in Dhona. Here are the other mounts to recover by falling the primordials: Aithon can be obtained by eliminating Ifrit in the dungeon The Crater of Embers in Extreme Gullfaxi can be obtained by eliminating Titan in the dungeon The Navel in Extreme Enbarr can be obtained by eliminating Leviathan in the dungeon Tidebreaker in Extreme Xanthos can be obtained by defeating Garuda in the dungeon Howleye in Extreme Jet Alicorn can be obtained by defeating Titan in the dungeon Navel in Extreme, Ifrit in the Crater of Embers dungeon in Extreme or even Garuda in the Hurloeil dungeon in Extreme Finally, we remind you that you can take advantage of a free trial without time limit up to level 60 in order to discover Final Fantasy 14.

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