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Mammochon is coming September 29 to Pokémon Unite! What are his abilities and how do you play him as a defender? The Moba Pokémon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch, and you will have to choose between several different attackers. Mammochon (Mamoswine) is a defender available from September 29, 2021. Find out more about its abilities and our tips for playing it.

Mammochon (Mamoswine) in Pokémon Unite

Marcacrin (lvl 1) -> Cochignon (lvl 6) -> Mammochon (lvl 10)

Roles Difficulty Intermediate Defender Close

Recommended build of Mammochon (Mamoswine) in Pokémon Unite

Recommended moves

Galce Shards start move

Level 6 Icefall

Level 8 Heavy Cavalry

Recommended objects

Buddy Barrier Assault Vest Focus Band

The moves of Mammochon (Mamoswine) in Pokémon Unite

Basic attack:

Every 3 auto-attacks, it gets boosted and deals bonus damage and freezes enemies for a short time. Basic Attacks deal bonus damage to Frozen Pokémon.


Isgrease the Pokémon’s Defense and Special Defense increase when it deals damage. His basic attack is boosted when he uses the Ice Shards and Icefall abilities. His talent also slows down the speed of scoring in Allied goals by creating an area of ​​ice within them.

Levels 1 to 3

Charge The launcher soars in the designated direction, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. Cooldown 😕 Dry Ice Shards

Send three ice shards that deal area damage and slow pokémon hit. If a Pokémon is hit by the three ice shards, it is frozen for a few moments. Cooldown 😕 dry

Level 6

Choose between two spells to replace the Ice Shard spell. Ice fall

Drops icicles in a designated area dealing damage and slowing affected Pokémon. The third icicle remains on the ground for a few moments before breaking up. If broken by the caster, it deals bonus damage in the area of ​​effect and freezes it for a short time. Finally, if it is hit by Charge or Heavy Cavalry, the ground becomes covered with ice which increases the movement speed of the allies. Enhancement: The last icicle prevents the enemy Pokémon from moving for a short time.
Cooldown 😕 Dry Crocs Frost

The caster uses its Frosted Fangs to attack the nearest enemy Pokémon, dealing damage and freezing it for a few moments. The bitten enemy can then be thrown into a desired area, inflicting area damage where it falls and freezing other enemy Pokémon hit. Improvement: the projection area is increased
Cooldown 😕 dry

Level 8

Choose between two spells to replace the Charge spell. Heavy Cavalry

The launcher soars in the designated direction, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. Then the throw stuns the Pokémon in the area for a few moments. Damage is increased if the Pokémon is frozen. Improvement: Charging speed is increased and stun lasts longer.
Cooldown 😕 sec Earthquake The caster jumps into a chosen area by hitting the ground, dealing damage to Pokémon in the area and pulling them towards the caster. Enhancement: Reduces the movement speed of Pokémon hit for a short time and increases the attraction effect.
Cooldown 😕 dry

Level 10: Unite Move

Unite Ability: Mammoth Mash

The thrower rushes into the designated area and becomes immune to crowd control. The caster hits the ground 3 times, inflicting damage on Pokémon in the area, reducing their movement speeds at the same time. Finally the last blow throws the Pokémon in the air. You want more articles on Pokémon Unite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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