Madden 22: 3 Best Route Combinations

Sometimes it’s hard to break through a defense in Madden, whether it’s in Franchise, Face of the Franchise, or against another player online. The real key is learning to recognize defenses before and after the snap, but when you have a few play-calls that are TD threats every play, you might be able to gain the upper hand. Although these coins have a high success rate, they are not guaranteed to win gold every time. Practice reading defense and you will learn the most optimal situations for hitting. Here are three hot route combinations that will allow you to rack up miles and score more points in your favorite Madden mode and when to use them. NOTE: For this guide, these games and formations are specific to the Buffalo Bills Offensive Playbook by S. McDermott. Once you get the idea of ​​these hot lane combinations, you can spread them on the offense of your favorite team.

Training: PISTOLET, Trey Y Flex
Clearances: Vertical, PA Vertical

Hot Route Combination 1

Your zone beater. On your pre-engagement reading, identify the safeties. If you’re considering two high securities, you’re off to a good start. Hot route the WR closest to your O line to a sequence. Take the receiver to its left and place it on any road that opens out. Route your TE hot and put it on a streak as well. After the break, watch the securities first. If they start to split towards the sideline, you’ve got it. Wait for your QB to hit his drop, power up and shoot a bullet while leading your WR across the field. If you choose the ‘run after catch’ option, your WR should have enough speed to beat the D to the end zone for a TD. Otherwise, you’ll get a big chunk of footage. If any of the safeties move to the middle of the field after the hang-up, use the hatch route as a safety valve or try to escape the pocket to recover a few yards and live to fight another.

Hot Route Combination 2

Your man-to-man drummer. Again, first identify the safe locations. This route combination is particularly effective when the defense has a single high security or man reading cover. Start with a hot route to your TE and put it on a trail through the terrain. Again, take your WR closest to the offensive line and point it hot down a slope. After the snap, watch how the defense reacts to your TE. If it’s man-to-man, the defense will surely evacuate your TE’s side of the court, leaving it wide open for your tilted WR that way. Make sure the WR clears the linebackers and gives him a strike, leading him onto the field. If your WR is fast, that should provide a TD; otherwise, it’s a good way to chew on some yards. If you read the man’s cover but the defense retreats into an area, any deep roads that you haven’t hot traced in the game will move the D away from the line of scrimmage. In most cases, your TE will be available by swiping underneath – check that and continue. Related: Madden 22’s Fastest Players

Formation: GUN, Y-slot empty
Play: Stick N Nod

Combination of hot routes 3

This variation can be a heavy hitting area and a beaten man, but will be more successful against area coverage. Pre-snap, check safeties – you’ll get a two-tiered security look. First, pick the WR in the middle of the peloton on the right (by default a square in the breakout route) and hot direct it to any road that breaks outward. After hooking up, look for the safeties to split on the key to cover the streaks and exit routes. Your primary target, the RB who is closest to the o-line in the peloton on the right, will take a moment to develop their dual movement route. Trust your protection or save some time if you need to, but look for your RB as he makes his second cut to be wide open in midfield. If you get both high safeties and the defense locks into the man’s cover after the snap, your RB still has a decent chance of burning the linebacker who is probably in cover. Still, look for the second cut, and if he has a step, throw the ball up the field. Otherwise, seek reprieve or throw the ball to live another day. For more guides on Madden 22, look at How to Get Practice Points in Madden 22 or Best Wide Receivers in Madden 22, and stay tuned for more coverage on Guides.

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