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In the Dosdragon Mountains, it is possible to find a secret door to the Starlight Cave. In this article, we explain how to open it in Genshin Impact. In Genshin Impact it is possible to explore many places and discover many secrets, one of which will be found at Starlight Cave in the Dosdragon Mountains.This secret concerns a secret door located at the top of this place and for the open, you will have to go in search of three chests and you will be told where to find them.

How to open the secret door to Starlight Cave in Genshin Impact?

If you are looking to open this door located at the top of the Starlight Cave, you will need to get three chests as we explained previously and which are all in the Starlight area. Below where to find each of them.

Princess Chest

The first chest is on the edge of the Dosdragon Mountains on a small island located east of the Permafrost Tree as you can see in the image below. There, you will face three mages of the abyss and once defeated, you will receive the chest of the princess by opening the chest that will appear.The chest is at the level of the blue arrow

Priest’s Chest

The second chest, that of the priest, is at the top of a sort of ruined tower as you will be able to see in the image below. This ruined tower is located to the east of the location of the Hypostasis Cryo. The chest can be found at the level of the blue arrow.

Scribe’s Chest

The third and last chest is a little more complicated to obtain since you must have Cecilias in your inventory. To find them, you can look at our dedicated article below.As soon as you have three of them, go to the teleporter at the entrance to the Starlight Cave and interact with the nearby tomb. Then place the three cecilias to get a chest containing that of the scribe as a reward.The tomb is at the level of the blue arrow After obtaining the three chests, return to the secret door located at the top of the Starlight Cave and interact with the mechanism to give the chests. You will then unlock the door and get three more reward chests and an achievement. If you want to know how to open this door, you can look at the video below from Powergame. You want more articles on Genshin Impact? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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