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During the Valentine’s Day event in World of Warcraft Shadowlands players will be able to craft the Lovely Charm Bracelet item. Like every year, the Love in the Air event, in reference to Valentine’s Day, is back in World of Warcraft. The opportunity for players to participate in different activities but also to obtain unique items such as the Lovely Charm Bracelet. To craft the Lovely Charm Bracelet, WoW players must obtain 10 Lovely Charms and then interact with them to transform them into a bracelet .

How to get Lovely Charm Bracelet in WoW?

The Lovely Charm Bracelet is an item that players in World of Warcraft must craft with 10 Lovely Charms. To obtain them players will first need to purchase the Lovely Charms Collector’s Kit from the event NPC near an auction house. The Lovely Charms can then be obtained from any enemy of green level or higher (this changes according to the level of the character) (source). Once the Lovely Charm Bracelet has been created, it can be exchanged with a leader faction as part of a daily quest. This quest allows you to obtain 20 Tokens of Love (at the rate of 5 per faction leader). This currency can then be used to purchase items from event vendors in World of Warcraft. As a reminder, the Love in the Air event is available in World of Warcraft Shadowlands until February 21, 2022. This event Also drops the Heartbreaker X-45 mount. Find all the best articles server on World of Warcraft and follow us on Facebook to follow our news and ask your questions! Published on 08/02/2022 at 11:52

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