List of Marvel Future Revolution characters

In Marvel Future Revolutions, players can choose from their favorite Marvel superheroes and team up to take down enemies and anyone threatening the future of humanity. Naturally, players want to know which of these characters are the best to play in order to maximize their potential in the game. With the list below, we provide an overview of the characters that we believe perform best in the game, and a quick description of why you might use them.

List of character levels

Each character below, of course, has their own pros and cons. Ultimately, the best character to use is the one that best suits your playstyle. However, some simply outperform others because of their feel, usefulness, and style.

Level S

Captain America: Unsurprisingly, the leader of the Avengers easily climbs to the top of the leaderboards when deciding which character to use. He is quite simply the most balanced character in the game as he doesn’t sacrifice one quality for another, has a remarkably easy control system, and has an incredible defense rating that puts him at the forefront of the action. He also works well as a tank, fighter, and leader of any party. Related: Marvel Future Revolution Codes Captain Marvel: While she can usually get through crowds without a problem, she can take massive damage if you’re not careful with her surroundings. His high damage attacks sacrifice speed for potency. However, she has the highest DPS capacity of any character in the game, so players looking to work quickly with easy leveling and scalability would be wise to use her.

Level A

Iron Man: Iron Man is easy to control and deals high damage. The only thing stopping it from being on the S-Tier roster is its in-game scalability. It scales quickly at first, but flies off towards mid-game. From that point on, he’s not of much use until you level him up completely and get his powerful endgame abilities (which are arguably the most powerful attacks in the game). Since he only functions as a large secondary character for a significant part of the game, we’ve placed him in level A. Doctor Strange: Doctor Strange is the best character to use if you’re more focused on area damage. effect. He works well as a support character with the ability to disable or eliminate many opponents at once. It is also very easy to handle as its capabilities do not require precise steering. If you’re up against a lot of enemies, Doctor Strange is essential to your team. Spider-man: The only thing stopping Spider-man from being S-Tier is how difficult it is to play him. It works great in PvP mode or against individual enemies, as its DPS and maneuverability make it a deadly force in head-to-head combat. He can disable multiple opponents at once when you upgrade his web abilities. If you like to mix ranged and melee combat styles and can perform combos and melee combat strategy, Spiderman will be your best choice.

Level B

Black Widow: Black Widow really only has two major flaws. Her character is particularly difficult to master, and she sacrifices almost all of her defenses for a huge boost in speed and attack power. It requires masterful manipulation to play it well, and even one mistake can cause you to lose a great deal of your health. Characters like this are often referred to as Glass Cannons, as they have great damage potential, but can be easily taken out if not perfected. Related: How to Level Up Fast in Marvel Strike Force Storm: Storm is another AoE character who easily scatters large groups of enemies but doesn’t excel at speed, damage, or defense. While she certainly meets the standard for all three, she works best as a support character to distract multiple enemies while you focus your heavy hitters on the toughest mobs. She has plenty of flair to complement her easy control scheme, however.

Level C

Star-Lord: Unfortunately, Star-Lord ends this list at the bottom. It doesn’t have any particularly strong advantages, and players who use it often just appreciate its flair in combat. He can change his playstyle to suit a variety of situations, but they mostly rely on ranged attacks that don’t deal massive damage. This is our list of ranked Marvel Future Revolutions characters! Make sure to challenge yourself with new techniques, new styles and new difficulties! Visit the Guides homepage for all the latest content, news and guides on the most popular games!

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