Liberation – The Plain of Widows

Screenshot by Guides As part of the main story, you talk to a priestess called Corisander. She mentions that out of her party of ten, she is the only one who survived due to a curse called The Ghost of the Veil. You have a choice to make from this conversation, kill the rebels to gain access to the city or kill the beast of the forest and enlist the help of Corisander. You should kill the forest beast, the rewards are better. I kill the rebels. Rewards Battle: 625 Gold Quest: Corisander Companion, +15 Empire Representative, Dark Leather Armor, Shard of Weak Intuition, Plan: Chaosbane, Plan: Barracks I kill the Forest Beast. Battle Rewards: 625 Gold, Plate Boots inside the Treasure Chest. Quest: Corisander as Companion, +15 Empire Rep, Veil Clock, Shard of Dim Intuition, Plan: Chaosbane, Plan: Barracks Related: Which class should you choose from Disciples: Liberation – How many are there there classes? If you choose to kill the rebels, they can be found just north of where Corisander is. Interact with them and the rebel leader Jordane will tell you about his plight. Choose die, rebels to initiate the fight. You only face three level two soldiers. If you choose to kill the forest beast, you must head east into the forest. Head north from Corisander until you see a bridge. From there, go east, until you see a giant bell, then go south. You will see a werewolf guarding a treasure chest. Interact with him to start the battle against two level two were leopards. Be careful here, because even if they don’t have a high count, they’ll counterattack with every hit that hits them – melee or magic – if they’re close enough. Screenshot by Guides For more Disciples: Liberation guides, Guides has you covered.

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