Liberation – The Plain of Widow

Screenshot by Guides Just below Corisandre is a Vauquelin, the Holy Light. He offered his wife, who was unclean, for a promotion into the ranks of the Empire, but now regrets it and asks you to save her. Isabeau — his wife — is located in the Church of the Grandfather’s Keep northwest of Equisheim. Screenshot by Guides Once inside the dungeon, head left, then you’ll be in a massive room. You can find Isabeau by the fireplace. It’s too late for her. She is already a young daughter of the Grandfather. Isabeau is no more. There are now several ways to complete this quest. Related: Should You Kill The Rebels Or The Forest Beast In The Hale and the Veil Quest in Disciples: Liberation – The Plain of Widows

Kill Isabeau

After talking to Isabeau, choose the We end here option. Corisandre will try to persuade you to let Isabeau make her own choice. To kill his choice No. Or to let her live and choose one of the other choices, choose You’re Right. If you choose no, you will be immersed in battle with two soldiers and two healers. Once the battle is over, go ask Vauquelin for your rewards. Rewards Shard of Weak Intuition, +2000 Gold, -10 Empire Reputation

Abduction of Vauquelin The Holy Light

After talking to Isabeau, choose the It’s never too late option and choose I will. Return to Vauquelin for a fight against four units. Defeat them then return to see Isabeau. Rewards Shard of Weak Intuition, +5 Empire Reputation

Leave Isabeau alone

While speaking to Isabeau, choose the option It is never too late and choose I am not kidnapping your husband. Return to Vauquelin for the poultry rewards. For more Disciples: Liberation guides, Guides has you covered.

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