Lady Deathstrike is coming to Marvel Strike Force

Forged by Adamantium and cybernetic upgrades, Lady Deathstrike is coming soon to Marvel Strike Force. The announcement was made on September 25 in an update article on the official Marvel Strike Force website. Having her body equipped with numerous cybernetic upgrades, including Adamantium bones and talons, agility upgrades, and a healing factor, Lady Deathstrike is a fierce and murderous hunter who thrives on killing her opponents quickly. Identified as Global-Tech-Brawler, Lady Deathstrike will be the latest addition to Team Weapon X. With a Brawler tag, Lady Deathstrike will deal great amounts of damage, focus, and speed, all of which are further enhanced during warfare. alliance. Her abilities will feed on Bleed, as she receives a bonus for each of her attacks when she targets an enemy that has already suffered Bleed. In addition to her regeneration ability and synergy with members of Weapon X (Wolverine, Sabretooth), she will deal massive damage. Lady Deathstrike’s passive ability, Murderous Intent, allows all allies of Weapon X and herself to gain 25% critical damage on attacks. Be on the lookout as the Cyber ​​Assassin soon strikes Strike Force. As always, keep Strike Forcin ‘on! For more information on Marvel Strike Force, be sure to check back here on Guides!

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