Kisare New World, where to find it?

Kisare the First Sentinel is a named monster that you will be able to face in New World in order to obtain a quest item. We tell you where to find it. Since the release of New World on September 28, players can hunt numerous enemies within the game, some of whom are named, including Kisare the First Sentinel, a named who will be targeted by a prime and that you will find in the Illustrious Extended, an area north-east of Gré-du-Vent.

Where can Kisare the First Sentinel be found in New World?

To find Kisare the First Sentinel, you will need to travel northeast of Gré-du-vent in order to reach the Illustrious Expanse which is located next to the Amrine Excavation dungeon. There, you will have to go to a mausoleum located on the right side of the huge path in the area as you can see on the map below. The named enemy will appear at the location of the yellow arrow. you will have to interact with the note placed on one of the pillars in order to be able to make it appear for the first time. It should be noted, however, that you may have to wait a while for it to appear as some players have reported on the New World forums (source). So be patient and don’t panic if he doesn’t appear immediately.We remind you that it will be necessary to face and defeat her in order to get her heart for the Tyrant’s Seed quest which you will get by reaching the level 22 and talking to Laikina Pajitnova in Gré-du-Vent. This name will also allow you to get your hands on various loot, the complete list of which is available on New World Fans (source).

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