Kingdom Hearts producer hints at possible native Switch ports

When Kingdom Hearts’ Sora was revealed to be the last DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, ports for all Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts III collections have also been announced for the Nintendo Switch. However, the ports are only for Cloud versions. This means that gamers will only be able to play the games over strong internet connections and not on the go. This has upset many fans, especially as many players have been clamoring for a Switch version of Kingdom Hearts games for years. But fans wanted the ability to play the games on the go, and the Cloud versions will prevent that. Related: All Kingdom Hearts Games In Order Nintendo Life Interviewed Kingdom Hearts Producer Ichiro Hazama, And Nintendo Life Specifically Asked Why Square Enix Can’t Get Kingdom Hearts Games To Work Native On The Switch. Hazama replied that there was a lot of difficulty in bringing the games to Switch, with hardware storage capacity being the only thing listed as one of those difficulties. Hazama will later reveal that he and other game makers believe the Cloud is the best way to bring the series to Switch. But Hazama also said production of a native version for Kingdom Hearts switch games is “undecided.” The folks at Square Enix are still reviewing player feedback, suggesting that games may receive native ports if fan demand remains high.

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