Kick Beach Ball & Giant Beach Ball in Fortnite Quiet Summer Challenge –

Summer challenges are available in Fortnite! Find out how to “Hit a beach ball and a giant beach ball”. A brand new update has just taken place on Fortnite, allowing to deploy patch 20.30 of the game! As always, there are new things to discover, and new quests to do. New summer quests named Calm Down are added to the title every day for a limited time. giant beach”. But where to find them and how to type in them? We explain how to do it below!

How to kick a beach ball and a giant beach ball in Fortnite?

To find beach balls, you have many possible places like La Bamboche, the beach south of Shifty Shafts, the beaches near Greasy Grove or even the beaches east of the Sanctuary as you can see on the map below. For this challenge, we recommend that you go to the beaches to the east of the Sanctuary instead.
The beach balls are at the location of the blue bubbles (credits: Fortnite)Once there, you will have to look for a normal beach ball and a giant ball and to find them more easily, you can activate the “Follow” button the quest” or consult the images below which show you where to find one.
Location of a giant beach ball
Location of a normal beach ballTo hit them, you just have to run against them for the normal one and hit with the pickaxe or hit against while running for the giant ball. Finally, we remind you that new Quiet summer missions will be added day after day and that you can also complete weekly quests that will give you rewards and EXP to progress your battle pass of season 3 of chapter 3 which allows you to obtain several free skins including the Indiana Jones appearance available since July 7 on Fortnite. Join the community on Discord, play Fortnite with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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