Kena: Bridge of Spirits – How to Heal and Increase Health

Looking to improve Kena’s health and hopefully get something else in the process? Here’s how you can keep your young Spirit Guide in action longer.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is finally available, and while Ember Labs’ gameplay is fairly straightforward in most of its gameplay mechanics, there are still some areas that could be more complicated than most for players.

To keep Kena in top health and in tip-top shape to fight off all those corrupt spirits, here we show you how you can increase her health and heal as well.

How to cure Kena

During battles, Kena can take a beating if you’re not fast enough with that lovely blue bubble shield, so staying ahead of the game is a must. Here are some tips during the fight sequences and also where to increase your health permanently.

Whenever you are in a boss fight, you will notice blue flowers placed around the side. Once you have a full Courage meter from all the yellow orbs left by defeated enemies, send your rot to them by pressing square on the controller and they will fill up your health meter by sending blue heal to Kena. When backing down for a few seconds, Kena’s health bar begins to regenerate, which is another easy way to heal. Just make sure you don’t stand still or you’ll like to take another hit, which will bring your health down again. Meditation points found throughout the map will allow Kena to rest, a bit like Jin in Ghost of Tsushima. Here you will find that your health bar goes up permanently one level, so the more you find, the higher Kena’s health.

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