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In Temtem, it is possible for you to to get Kaku, one of many title creatures. We give you a sheet containing vital info. In Temtem, which is lastly accessible in model 1.0 since Tuesday, September 6, it is possible for you to to seize many creatures that allow you to progress within the recreation. Among the many Temtem accessible within the title, we discover Kaku and we are going to subsequently let you know its traits. , its evolutions, its areas, in addition to its weaknesses and resistances. We remind you in passing that yow will discover all of the Temtem on our Temdeck.

Traits of Kaku in Temtem

Look No. Sort 48 Nature

Measurement Weight Traits 54 cm 29 kg Caffeinated / Mithridate Intercourse (Feminine/Male) Egg Hatch (Time) Catch Charge 50% / 50% 7 minutes

Kaku’s evolutions in Temtem

Kaku evolves into Saku when he reaches degree 11.

Location of Kaku in Temtem

Kaku might be present in a number of areas all through the world of Temtem. You’ve gotten an opportunity of capturing it within the following locations: Deniz – Prasine Coast (40% probability of encountering it) Deniz – Thalassian Cliffs (95% probability of encountering it) Deniz – Ponts Offerts (30% probability of encountering it) Superior Omninesia – Canopist (75% probability of encountering him) Hither Omninesia – Promeciel (50% probability of encountering him)

Kaku’s Sensitivities in Temtem

Kaku, like all Temtem, has weaknesses and resistances, so here is a recap. Resistance Water, Nature, Electrical energy, Earth Double resistance – Weak point Fireplace, Poisonous

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