Is The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Coming To Fortnite?

A rumor has spread in the Fortnite community that there is another collaboration with The Walking Dead this month. Frankly, what better time to introduce The Walking Dead’s central character than the 2021 Halloween season? Sadly, little is known about the validity of this rumor, but the hint Epic Games dropped on its official blog post for Fortnitemares 2021 heavily hints at adding Rick Grimes to the game. blog, they state that the image below contains cards that will be returned in random order. As you can see, the last card in the image is a sheriff’s hat, which bears a strong resemblance to the hat Rick used throughout the series. Eventually, the hat was passed down to his son Carl, but most people who have seen the show (or even just commercials) know that the hat is a gun is part of Rick’s signature equipment. This suggests that the possibility of Rick Grimes coming to Fortnite is all but confirmed. Something that might also point in this direction is the information that has been made available about the event. We discovered through data mining that the other two unreturned cards represent Curdle Scream Leader and Skeletra, but the Sheriff’s Hat does not have a known skin associated with it. Does that mean Epic Games hid Rick Grimes somewhere in their encrypted files? We’ll have to see as Halloween approaches! For the latest news, guides and content on all things Fortnite, be sure to look at our Fortnite homepage!

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