In Valheim, you can no longer level up weapons by attacking trees and rocks

Iron Gate studio responsible for development and support Valheim, deprived players of the opportunity to increase their weapon proficiency by attacking trees and stones.

Of course, pumping your weapon skills by attacking stones and trees is the easiest and most convenient way, especially if you need to recover from a sudden death. After the release of the big Hearth and Home update players have found that now to upgrade weapons you need to use them against a real opponent. Great news for trees and rocks, bad news for greylings and greylings.

Interestingly, the developers did not even mention this change in the patch note. And now gamers have a lively discussion, arguing whether this is good or bad. Some Reddit users argue that this is a normal, natural development for the game, although others argue that this approach should rethink the harsh system of penalties in case of death.

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