Humankind Review – A Difficult, But Possibly The Most Affordable 4X Strategy

HUMANKIND – a new global historical strategy. Honestly, if you are even a little fond of the historical strategy genre, this statement will be enough to put off reading the review and head to the store to shop.

If you’re still here, let me tell you a little more about the game. HUMANKIND is an extreme game from Amplitude, known for the Endless series (Endless Space, Endless Dungeon, etc.), spanning several genres, but generally focused on a strategic approach. The difference is that many of the previous games had an element of fantasy, but Humankind took a more realistic approach that can be compared to Civilization 6.

And it’s not just the setting. Nowadays, most strategies have a similar gameplay scheme of population building, research and learning to interact with others, but HUMANKIND looks more detailed than Civ 6, and the developers somehow manage to make the game more accessible.

Everything depends on you

At first, a small tribe of people comes under your control. The first task is to move around the world, explore landscapes, collect food and curiosities, increase the population so that tasks can be distributed among the population, and then go on a unique journey. All of this will allow you to do faster research and, most importantly, ultimately create a living environment for everyone.

At this stage, Humankind takes on its true form – the drive for development. In any case, it will be a common, overarching goal for each player, but it is not easy to achieve. Although your main task is to move into the next era and continue moving forward, the ways to solve it are varied, and there are many random events that you can encounter along the way.

Along with the choice of civilization that you will lead, you will also have to manage the way you interact with your people. You will need to decide what to do if fights become more frequent, and someone starts picking mushrooms and hides their knowledge from the tribe. It will also need to decide which technologies to research and how to expand, bearing in mind that every decision has consequences, positive and negative, short-term and long-term.

Everything is much more affordable than you think

You need to set the direction of development, choose what kind of civilization you would like to become, whether you have to fight with your neighbors or want to maintain trade relations with them. The game is really large-scale, but at the same time one of the most important elements of HUMANKIND is an exceptional learning system. When you first load the game, you will be asked about the level of knowledge of the genre, and I ask everyone, regardless of your actual experience, to read the tutorial. You are really being held by the pen to talk about all the main and additional aspects.

There are other additional little things that simplify the gameplay. For example, by clicking on the “End Turn” button, the game will surely inform you that there are units that can be moved, diplomatic actions that must be performed, or some special event that requires close attention. HUMANKIND seems to understand that this is not an easy game and that the 4X strategy genre is quite difficult to understand, so it does its best to become much more accessible. And these efforts are working 100%. In addition, if you are playing as a civilization that does not suit you, you can change it when you move to the next era.


HUMANKIND is as deep as you could wish from a 4X strategy, but the constant expansion of aspects and game elements never gets in a stupor, since the game explains everything as much as possible for every gamer, not without a bit of good humor. Great strategy, and if you are not familiar with the 4X genre, then this is probably the best chance to join it.

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