How to Watch Minecraft Championship (MCC) 22

To watch Minecraft Championship 22 you will need to do so on the official Twitch channel for the Noxcrew. At each Minecraft Championship, the Noxcrew will stream the entire event on Twitch. However, if you do not wish to watch the Livestream via the Noxcrew, you can do so on one of the participants’ Livestreams. We recommend going this route if there is a specific Influencer you want to see win or find entertaining. That said, you can find all of the participants’ Twitch channels on MCC Live. Minecraft Championship 22 will also kick off on May 28, 2022 at 8:00 PM BST. So if you want to watch the Minecraft Championship, you’ll need to do so by Saturday. Related: Are there toads in Minecraft?

What is the Minecraft Championship?

Minecraft Championship is an event organized by the Noxcrew. In Minecraft Championship, influencers from the Minecraft community are invited by the Noxcrew to participate in a series of game modes. The Noxcrew designs these game modes to test each participant’s skills in various things such as parkour, survival, combat and teamwork. As the event progresses, the two teams with the most points when the Minecraft Championship reaches eight matches will end in a final match. In the final match, whoever emerges victorious will win the entire Minecraft Championship. A total of ten teams will compete in Minecraft, and here are all the participants that make up each team in Minecraft Championship 22SpeakersTeamGeorgeNotFound
AwesamdudeRed RabbitsPeteZahHutt
small beans
SpifeyOrange OcelotsJojosolo
Gee Nelly
BlushYellow YaksJug
PearlyMoonFlames of LimeSapnap
Insane Players
MichaelmchillGreen GeckosRanbou
BrinCoyote cyanHBomb94
GoodTimesWithScar Aquatic AxolotlsStamp L
EretBlue BatsPunz
Gemini Tay
shuttle bus
CubfanPurple PandasPurple
Captain Sparklez
TheOrionSoundPink Parrot For the latest guides, news and information on all things Minecraft, we at our guides have you covered with articles such as Mojang removes fireflies from Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update, for realism and the best mods Minecraft 1.16.3 (May 2022)

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