How to wait in combat in Disciples: Liberation?

Screenshot by Guides Combat is an integral part of an RPG, and Disciples: Liberation uses a turn-based hex system. There is a turn order and your units must wait their turn before they can move or attack. But you can wait in combat to move that unit’s turn at the end of the turn order. To wait in combat, you must not move or take any action. By performing one of these, you will have already used up an action point, which means that half of your turn is over. Instead, you need to press the wait button before doing anything, which will delay that unit’s turn. Screenshot by Pro Game Related Guides: How to complete the Elle side quest which was marked pure in Disciples: Liberation – The Plain of Widow Waiting is an essential strategy in a turn-based system, as it allows a healer or a person who uses stealth to be used wherever needed. There is no point in using healer action points for damage if they can heal or removing a debuff if they act last. The same goes with a stealthy character. Wait for the enemies to get into position, then you can take your turn, move into a perfect position to flank, then attack. Disciples: Liberation does not store action points as the Divinity Original Sin battle system would allow. It only delays your turn to act later. For more Disciples: Liberation guides, Guides has you covered.

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