How to use the Supreme Cuisine Machine in Genshin Impact

To use the Supreme Cuisine Machine, you must move on the two arrow buttons on the ground before the three pans. By moving these buttons, the arrow on the buttons will turn red and the flame under the jars will move. To move the flame to the right, you need to stay on the right arrow button a bit, depending on whether you want the flame under the middle pot or the right pot. And to move it to the left, press the left arrow button. To stop the flame so that it can be in the middle, you need to pull the knob all the way out when the flame starts to move. This will cause it to stop in the middle. Related: Best Versions Of Kokomi In Genshin Impact To Complete This Minigame. You need to move the flame between the three pots and keep the temperature of each in the yellow area of ​​the gauge. This is done by moving the flame between the three pots. When a pot is near the top of the yellow gauge, move the flame to the pot with the lowest temperature. Keep repeating this for 1 minute 30 seconds. Towards the end of the timer you will need to quickly move the flame between the three, as they will all be towards the top of the yellow. It’s hard to fail, because even if the temperature goes above or below the yellow zone, you can save it if you act quickly enough. In the final stages of this mini-game, you will need to use the cryo / hydro and pyro powers. If the temperature drops into the red zone, you will need to use a cryo / hydro to cool it down. If the temperature drops in the blue zone, you will have to use the pyro to bring it up. Don’t forget to look at all of our Genshin Impact coverage on the PGG homepage! I

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