How to upgrade troops in Age of Darkness: Final Stand

In Age of Darkness: Final Stand you will have to rely on your champion and your soldiers if you want to survive the night. Your champion will level up by killing Nightmares, but your troops will need to be upgraded. You have a skill tree that allows you to upgrade them. This skill tree is located at the bottom center of your screen and is the top icon that looks like an arrow. Click on it to display the skill tree for your melee, ranged, and siege units. Each of these upgrades requires a set amount of resources, and that number increases as you move up the tree. Related: What Is Dark Essence – How To Get It In Age of Darkness: Final Stand Think carefully about which upgrade you want to select, because as you progress through the skill tree , some options may be blocked. It may be tempting to take whatever upgrade you can afford at this point, but you need to take into consideration what your army is lacking. Most upgrades require wood, stone, gold, or iron. The final upgrades for each unit type, however, require black gasoline. This resource is not easy to find, so you should be very careful before spending it. When leveling up, you should focus on your melee and ranged units early on, as siege units are only available later. For more information on Age of Darkness: Final Stand, see Early Game Tips in Age of Darkness: Final Stand and What Are the Horrified and Emboldened Effects in Age of Darkness: Final Stand? on Guides.

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