How to unlock the Storm missile in Metroid Dread

Screenshot by Guides Metroid Dread is full of collectible bonuses, upgrades, secret lanes and more. Some of them go hand in hand as you will need certain bonuses or weapons to progress in the different areas of the planet ZDR. One of those upgrades is the Storm missile. To unlock the Storm missile, you will need to go to Ferenia. Here you have to find and defeat Escue and you will receive the Storm missile upgrade as a reward. The boss room of Escue is on the far right of Ferenia through the bomb blocks. Related: What To Do With Unknown Resources In Metroid Dread This Ability Allows Samus To Fire Multiple Missiles At Once And Damage Electric Enemies. With the Storm missile in Samus’ arsenal, she can now open previously locked green doors. To use this upgrade, hold R and aim at each of your targets. A crosshair will appear indicating that you have locked. Once all the targets are locked, simply shoot with Y. To open the green doors, you need to target each of the green switches surrounding them. Once all have been slaughtered, the door will open and Samus can continue and go where the player couldn’t explore before. Storm missiles can also target multiple enemies and deal massive damage. For more information on Metroid Dread, see Where to Go After Getting the Ghost Cloak in Metroid Dread and How to Unlock Pulse Radar in Metroid Dread on Guides.

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