How to unlock the orbital scanner in The Riftbreaker

Screenshot by Guides The Riftbreaker is a tower defense survival game with a strong focus on base building. If you have any hope of surviving on Galatea 37, you will want to build your base with maximum efficiency and achieve your goals. One goal that you will get very early on is to build an orbital scanner. To do this, you must first perform a few steps. The first thing you will need to do is upgrade the headquarters to level two. This is a requirement to build the communication center. From the Communication Center, you have access to research. You will need to select Search Orbital Scanner to unlock the Orbital Scanner. Related: All Biomes In The Riftbreaker Once the research is complete, you will be able to build the Orbital Scanner Building. It can be found in the first tab of your building’s menu with the head office and the communication hub. Once the building is completed, you will have achieved the goal of building the orbital scanner. The orbital scanner is a great tool for finding resources because it is constantly scanning the planet for resources, life forms, and artifacts. It also allows the player to complete planetary missions in the campaign. This building is the one that you should prioritize building and defending because it is quite important. For more information on The Riftbreaker, see How to Craft Weapons and Upgrade Your Mecha in The Riftbreaker and How to Disassemble Weapons and Equipment in The Riftbreaker on the Guides.

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