How to unlock the Mysterious Chest on Guau-Guau Island in Far Cry 6 – Where to use the Mysterious Key

Suppose you’ve been to Guau-Guau Island, which is on the start island of Isla Santuario, in the Casas Cove area, in the middle of the water. You may have seen a mysterious chest that is locked, and even if you explore the island it will be for naught because the necessary key is not here. To unlock the Mysterious Chest, you must find the Mysterious Key obtained from a Yaran Story Fetch quest after completing Who’s a Good Boy? Yaran’s Story is located in Madrugada in the Costa Del Mar region. To spawn this story, you must complete a Meet the Monteros story quest. If you already have the key, the chest can be found on the island in the image below.

Related: All The Baseball Memorabilia Locations In Far Cry 6 – Stealing Home Yaram Story To Complete The Who’s a Good Boy? quick story. The puppy wants to eat crocodile meat, so if you already have some on you, put it in the dog’s bowl and finish the story. To complete Fetch Quest, all you had to do was stroke Chorizo, follow him, and collect the mysterious key. With the key in hand, return to Guau-Gaua Island and unlock the chest for an F * ck Anton rifle. For more Far Cry 6 guides, ProGameGuides is here for you!

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