How to Unlock Pulse Radar in Metroid Dread

Screenshot by Guides Metroid Dread is full of abilities, upgrades, and bonuses that Samus can collect. Using them will allow the player and Samus to overcome obstacles in their path and escape from the planet ZDR. One of those unlockable abilities is the Pulse Radar Pulse Radar can be found in Ghavoran. You will need to defeat the Teal EMMI first and earn the Ice Missile upgrade. With this you can destroy the flaming plants that are blocking Samus’ path. Start with the tram after the south save point. From there, head left and up once you reach the walls of the Spider Magnet. Related: How To Unlock The Ice Missile In Metroid Dread Follow The Path, Blast The Flaming Plant, Then Blast Your Way Through The Tunnels Of Morph Ball. Continue to follow these tunnels and you will come to a room with a statue of Chozo. Approach and Samus will grab the object cube, unlocking the Pulse Radar. Pulse Radar uses Aeon in the same way as Phantom Cloak and Flash Shift. Hold right on the D-pad to activate this ability. For a limited time, all hidden blocks will turn blue and reveal their location. This ability is great for finding secret paths you might otherwise miss. Using Pulse Radar consumes the entire Aeon bar but recharges quickly. For more information on Metroid Dread, see How to Unlock Spin Boost in Metroid Dread and How to Defeat Soldier Chozo in Metroid Dread on Guides.

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