How to unlock other characters in Back 4 Blood?

In Back 4 Blood, you will start your adventure with 4 characters, but how do you unlock the other 4? We give you the answer in this article. In Back 4 Blood, which comes out this Tuesday, October 12 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, you will be able to play with 8 survivors in order to complete the title’s story missions and win PvP (or PvP) games: At first, you will only be able to have 4 survivors, but you will be able to unlock the others as you progress through the main story of the game.

What does it take to get the characters in Back 4 Blood?

When you start your adventure, you will have access to 4 survivors, namely, Holly, Walker, Evangelo and Mum, but there are however 4 other characters that will be obtained automatically after completing the 4 missions of Act 1 “The Return of the Devil “. During the last mission of this act, you will have to destroy a bridge, then a cutscene will start and you will discover the other characters, Doc, Hoffman, Jim and Karlee. We remind you in passing that to be able to play as one of these new characters, you will have to quit the game and start a new game.

Who are the characters in Back 4 Blood?

In the game, you will be able to play with 8 Cleaners who will have traits that will give them a bonus or a bonus for your team and you will have to combine these traits effectively to have the best possible composition. Personal Traits

Doc Heals teammates whose standard of living is low even without items Effectiveness of care Team trauma resistance

Evangelo Ammo generation with kills Endurance regeneration Team movement speed

Hoffman Ammo generation with kills + 1 space for offensive items Team ammo capacity

Holly Stamina Recovery with Kills

Jim Increased damage from precision kills + 1 speed ADS Damage to weak points of the team

Karlee + 1 Quick Inventory Capacity + 1 Team Use Speed

Mom Instant Resuscitation + 1 Support Inventory + 1 Extra Team Vitality

Walker Precision Kills Accuracy Increased

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