how to unlock character cosmetics

If you’re wondering how to unlock new outfits and skins for your cleaners in Back 4 Blood, then don’t worry anymore. There are plenty of cosmetics available for your characters, and while adding them to your brains-filled wardrobe isn’t too difficult, it can take a bit of time. In this tips guide, we’ll cover how to earn more of those elusive Back 4 Blood outfits, skins, and cosmetics so you don’t have to run over zombies in the default digs.

Where to find cleaner outfits and skins in Back 4 Blood

The eight characters in Back 4 Blood, called Cleaners, are distinct and stylish, but there’s nothing quite like earning new clothes and skins to swap out every now and then. B4B shows you its clothing options in the Cleaners menu, but it doesn’t tell you how to unlock those alternative threads. To unlock them, you’ll need to focus on completing the Supply Lines, which we’ve detailed in another guide here. In short, Supply Lines contain rewards, such as new maps, sprays, and, yes, new clothes to unlock using Supply Points with Fort Hope Vendor Chenda. The difficulty also determines the number of points you receive. This is the same method by which you also get more weapon sprays, emblems, and banners. Keep in mind that some of the first supply lines you see may not contain character cosmetics and will likely be more map-oriented. You earn Supply Points by completing levels and reaching other milestones, which you can see in the Achievements menu on your profile tab. These include campaign missions and swarm mode, as well as specific tasks for cleaners and the elimination of Ridden and other enemies. Although you need to unlock the supply lines sequentially from left to right, you can preview what each one contains. Although they appear to be added to your Supply Lines menu semi-randomly, after completing your first Supply Lines you will notice that some become available with cosmetic items as rewards. So far, these new skins have always been the last item in a supply line in our experience, but that may change in future content as we see more or as Turtle Rock continues to add more to the. Game.

How to change outfits and skins

To change outfits and skins for your Cleaners, open your Hub menu and navigate to the Cleaners tab. You will see a list of your characters. Just choose the character you want to makeover and the skin menu will appear. Here you can change both a character’s outfit and item set. Outfits are predetermined skins for a Cleaner’s Head, Body, and Leg Lunges and cannot be customized. Item slots, however, allow you to customize each of the three cosmetic slots with outfit and skin unlocks. Related Guides: In the meantime, keep playing to unlock Supply Points with each major win and spend them on Supply Lines offering new Back 4 Blood cosmetics when you see them available. For more on Back 4 Blood, available now on PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Series X | S, look at our evolving guide and content hub here.

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