How to unlock all skills in Forager

Screenshot by Guides Unlocking a skill in Forager is pretty easy. Each time you level up, you can unlock a skill. The problem is that there are 64 skills in total and you need more and more EXP to gain each new skill. You can get EXP by doing just about anything. Break a rock, harvest cotton, kill slime, chop down a tree – heck, you can even get EXP by drinking potions or building ovens with the right skills. But even with all of these ways to earn EXP, it can be difficult to level up at times. This grind for levels can be made somewhat easier by the fact that not all skills were created equal. Many skills are inherently more useful than others and can even increase your EXP gain. By optimizing the path you take through your skills, you can get all of your skills much faster than just picking them out at random. Related: How to Craft Leather in Forager – Guides

Skill Tree Path

It’s a path that was made to make the start of the game faster and smoother. Of course, you can unlock all the skills by playing the game normally, but this path is quick to level up and user-friendly for players of all skill levels. Economy – Allows you to unlock more land earlier for more farming resources. Foraging Foraging Gathering Fishing Mining Geology – This is why we take Foraging through Mining (besides the fact that they are all decently useful). Coal can be a huge obstacle for most of the game, so getting such a plentiful source of it early on is wonderful. Magic or Vaults – If you need storage ASAP, safes. Otherwise, Magic for more EXP. Magic or Industry Safes – We’re reaching the point where leveling up takes a lot longer, so this is a must do right now. This skill allows us to obtain glass bottles to catch bugs for better pickaxes. And the little extra EXP from structures is good, too. Sewing – This allows us to start making leather, which we will need for: Trade – Markets offer a wide variety of resources, some of which are very complicated to find / otherwise do. It also allows us to make change by selling items. Good Deal Supply – Between this one and Bargain, the market becomes much more useful. Jewelry – Increased resources from crafting necklaces. What not to like? In addition, more expensive gems are very nice. Prospecting – No more gems to sell or craft. Goes perfectly with jewelry. After the Prospecting, the way really opens. Personally, I would recommend taking Capitalism as soon as the EXP you can get from selling a big stack of gems is ridiculous. Switching from gaming to optics soon would also be a good thing, as headlights can be incredibly useful. Oh, and the chemistry for making bombs. A few bombs here and there can make cleaning up some flooded islands easier. Even if you don’t follow that path to a T, it doesn’t really matter. Each skill is always at least somewhat useful, so feel free to pick whatever you think is cool or useful. Either way, you will get all the skills by the end, so go for it! For more tips for playing Forager, look at our other Forager guides!

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