How to Unlock All PBX-45 Attachments in Battlefield 2042

Screenshot by Guides The PBX-45 submachine gun has a complete of 34 attachments in Battlefield 2042. Utilizing them you’ll be able to customise the SMG to your choice within the loading part of the sport. Right here is the listing of all of the attachments for the PBX-45 and easy methods to unlock them.


Attachments Variety of kills with the PBX-45 Iron websites 0 (pre-unlocked) Tv 2x 0 (pre-unlocked) Holo fusion 5 Room XDR 30 UH-1 Clever 1.5x 60 Shan 2.5x 90 Bravo 3x 120 Room 8R 150 Phantom Hybrid 1.25-2.5x 210 DD Holo 240 Maul Hybrid 1.25-2.5x 270 M22 3.5x 300 Corridor K8 330 Corbeau 4x 360


Attachments Variety of Kills with PBX-45 Customary Present 0 (Pre-unlocked) Shut Fight 15 Excessive Energy 90 Customary Present / Prolonged Magazine 120 Subsonic 180 Associated: Finest PBX-45 Gear in Battlefield 2042

Below barrel

Attachments Variety of kills with PBX-45 Manufacturing unit mounts 0 (pre-unlocked) BCG mild deal with 25 Flashlight 30 Rattlesnake mild deal with 60 LS-1 laser sight 90 LWG deal with 120 Cobra deal with 210


Attachments Variety of kills with PBX-45 Manufacturing unit Barrel 0 (pre-unlocked) 6KU Suppressor 60 Champion Muzzle Brake 150 Warhawk Compensator 180 Tactical Compensator 240 Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake 270 Prolonged Barrel 300 Wrapped Suppressor 330 Keep Up take heed to Guides for extra Battlefield 2042 and Portal content material. Within the meantime, take a look at our article – How you can ping enemies in Battlefield 2042?

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