How to travel fast in Tales of Arise (guide)

The first few minutes or even hours of the hero Tales of arise have to travel on foot. The locations are not so big, Alfen moves fast enough, so it won’t strain. But later, when side quests appear, you will have to return to previously studied locations several times. At this point, the fast travel system in Tales of Arise comes in handy.

To use it, you have to be patient and go through several plot tasks:

  1. Slave life
  2. Mysterious stranger
  3. Escape from the mines
  4. Combining with Marshmallow
  5. Preparing for battle

Just at the end of the mission “Prepare for battle” you will receive information that you can use the fast travel system. To do this, open the map and examine the blue markers. By clicking on them, you can confirm the movement to the selected location. Use E and Q to switch between maps of different locations. Note that during some plot points, the fast travel system will be unavailable. In this case, the icons for teleportation will be crossed out with a red line.

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