How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite?  –

In Fortnite, it is possible to thank the bus driver. Find the key to use according to your platform within the game. Fortnite since its release allows players to have interactions with other players as well as NPCs. This is particularly the case with the bus driver who can be thanked when you throw yourself out of his vehicle.Depending on your platform, the key to thank him may change, but in any case it will be the one you have assigned to do so. emotes in Epic Games’ Battle Royale.

What key should you press to thank the bus driver in Fortnite?

If you are looking to know the key to press to thank the bus driver in the game before you jump out of his vehicle, well it will vary depending on whether you are playing on PC, consoles or mobile. However, this will be the key you have chosen to make an emote and by default, you will have to press: the B key on your PC keyboard the “Down arrow” key on PS4 and PS5 controllers the “Down arrow” key on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S controllers the “Down arrow” key on Nintendo Switch the “Emote” key on iOS and Android mobile devices We remind you in passing that it will sometimes be necessary to thank the bus driver in order to to complete a challenge in the Battle Royale. Finally, don’t forget that patch 18.21 has been available since Tuesday, October 19 and new skins and a new POI, the city of cubes, have been added with this update. You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles! Published on 10/21/2021 4:03 PM

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