How to Solve the Camera Puzzle in Act 2 of Encryption

Screenshot by Guides Inscryption is a deck-building game that presents many secrets and puzzles. After completing Act 1, players shouldn’t be surprised that Act 2 continues this theme. Some of the puzzles are not necessary to complete the story while others are. One of those puzzles is the camera puzzle that players must complete to fight Leshy. Leshy will give the player a camera, not their card creation camera, and ask them to take a photo of three animals. These are found in the Leshy region and are important to the three NPCs who inhabit this region. They are the dog, the fish and the rabbit which correspond respectively to the prospector, the fisherman and the trapper. Related: How To Get The Great Kraken Card In Inscryption The First Animal You Need To Photograph Is The Hound Dog. To do this, you will need to open the safe inside Leshy’s cabin. The password is outside the cabin on the left, written by the dog’s bowl. Take the meat from inside the safe and place it in the dog bowl. The dog will appear and you can photograph it. Take the photo to the Prospector and beat him in a card match. Once the prospector is defeated, he will move away and you can head to the right path. There you will find a bucket of bait. Click on it to take a picture of the bait. Continue to the fishing rod and place the photo on it. A fish will attack the bait, take a picture of it. Go back outside the cabin and show the photo to the fisherman. Defeat him in a card match. Once the fisherman is defeated, you can head to the left path. There you will find a bear trap, a rabbit and several warren. The rabbit will move between the burrows. You must place the trap on the path of the rabbit. You can lead the rabbit path by standing on the path of the holes. Once the rabbit is caught in the trap, you can take a picture of it. Go back to Leshy’s hut, enter it and go through the door on the right. Show the photo to the merchant and she will turn into a trapper. Defeat the Trapper in a Card Match. With all three photos collected and the Prospector, Fisherman, and Trapper defeated, return to Leshy. He will congratulate you and you will enter a card match with Leshy, the Srybe of Beasts. For more information on Inscryption, see Act 1 vs Act 2 in Inscryption and Which deck should I choose in Act 2 of Encryption on Guides.

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