How to solve puzzles of the Mystery of the Universe in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

At first glance, the mysteries of the series Thans of the Universe Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous can be daunting. For the first time, you will come across a similar one at the location The essence of the unknownand, but despite their diversity, the essence (sorry for the tautology) does not change

Every time you need concrete slabs with symbols of a certain color. At the location Essence of Unknown there are plates for the same puzzle. Plates for Forgotten Secrets should be looked for at the “Temple of Shameful Faith” and so on. In general, I plan to tell you in detail about each puzzle, so catch the list, which will be replenished with links:

  • Forgotten Secrets
  • Legacy of the ancients
  • The last canopy
  • The focus of mystery

Once you have the right slabs, the first thing you should do is place the side slabs. They are carved in such a way that they become only to your cellsso you can never go wrong with them.

Have you installed it? Good. Think of Japanese crosswords. Although the example may be bad, one element of them is still present in these riddles of the Secrets of the Universe: you must focus on the symbols depicted on the side plates, and in accordance with them place the double plates inside the puzzle.

What does it mean? So this is the following: if on the side there is a plate with two symbols in the form of the letter F and, for example, H, then in this row, which continues inside the working area of ​​the puzzle, symbols should be used only in the form of these very letters F and H. And it doesn’t matter, are there any obstacles in the row, how many free cells are in the row, and so on. In general, they can all be filled only with the symbols F or H. The main thing is that a similar situation should be with other side plates and their continuing lines. All these symbols must be taken into account. And once they all match and you can place all the double slabs, the puzzle will be solved. Here’s an example of Forgotten Secrets:

How to solve puzzles of the Mystery of the Universe in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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