How to solve all the Tsurumi Island Relay Stone puzzles in Genshin Impact

Relay Stone puzzles are commonplace in Inazuma. These puzzles are simple in theory: players must create an electric current by connecting discharge and stack stones with relay stones. But with the game’s penchant for setting up all kinds of confusing mechanics, these puzzles can be more of a nuisance than they initially seem. There are eight Relay Stone puzzles on Tsurumi Island – here’s how to solve them.

Pic Shirikoro

There are four Relay Stone puzzles in Shirikoro Peak, the first three of which are needed to complete the world quest A Particularly Special Author, a prerequisite for unlocking the rest of the island. Check out the four puzzle locations marked in the image below. Screenshot by Guides

First riddle

The first is a two-part puzzle where you have to place two relay stones to unlock the mechanism to open the door to the cave in which the feathers had flown. Screenshot by Guides For the first part of the puzzle, pick up the Relay Stone near the bush on the right and place it on the empty space between the Dumping Stone and the existing Relay Stone. Once the Electro Current is formed, this part is over. Screenshot by Guides The second part of the puzzle is to the left of the locked door. You will find a blank puzzle and an existing Electro Current. Take the existing electric current relay stone deeper inside (marked with a circle in the image above) and transfer it to the middle of the blank puzzle. This will unlock the mechanism and allow you to enter the door.

Second puzzle

Upon entering the gate, you will find a locked mechanism and three Seelie Courts. Use Elemental Sight to search for the three Seelies and unlock the mechanism, which will drain the water and open a path below. Screenshot by Guides Head down, where you’ll find a blank puzzle and an existing Electro Current. As for the first puzzle, collect the relay stone from the existing current and place it in the empty space between the stacking stone on the ground and on the wall. Related: Where To Find The Three Perches Through The Mist In Genshin Impact – All Feather Locations – One Especially Peculiar Author World Quest Guide

Third puzzle

There is another relay stone near the cobwebs near the second puzzle. Pick it up and go up, where you’ll find another relay stone behind the dome. You can carry more than one relay stone at a time, so take both to solve puzzle number three in two parts. Screenshot by Guides Place the foundation stone between the two stacking stones on the left front of the dome. This puzzle requires careful positioning, so if electric current does not appear on your first try, make micro-adjustments to your position and try again. Screenshot by Guides The second part is located to the right of the first. Simply place the relay stone between the dump and stack stones to complete the puzzle. Like the first, this stone requires careful positioning, so keep trying if the electric current does not appear right away.

Fourth puzzle

The fourth puzzle is located on the beach to the left of Shirikoro Peak and is also a two-part puzzle. First, head straight to the nearby small island, which you can see from the puzzle location. There you will find Electro Slimes and a Relay Stone. After picking up the Relay Stone, an Electro Whopperflower will appear, indicating that you are in the right place. Simply place the relay stone between the dump and stack stones to complete the first part of the puzzle. Screenshot by Guides Part 2 is a bit tricky so you might have to try a few times to get it right. You will find an Electro Seelie nearby. Instead of flying to a chest, it will follow your lead and help you create electric currents. Bring your character to the location near the grass in the image above, and the Seelie will fly to the area marked in red. This will allow all the stones to connect, thus completing the puzzle.

Chirai shrine

Screenshot by Guides Head to the location shown in the image above to find a clearing containing the Relay Stone puzzle in the Chirai Shrine. Screenshot by Guides Pick up the relay stone next to the Thunderbird statue and place it between the dump and stack stones, which will complete the puzzle. Related: How to Cultivate Concealed Claw, Unguis, and Heel in Genshin Impact

Mount Kanna

Screenshot by Guides There are two Relay Stone puzzles in Mount Kanna. Begin by heading northeast, near the Moshiri ceremony site.

First riddle

Screenshot by Guides There are two relay stones in this puzzle. One is located near the mountain on the left. When you collect it, Electro Slimes will appear. Eliminate them as they can alter the flow of the current, making it difficult to complete the puzzle. The second is behind the bushes after crossing the cliff to the right. Place the first relay stone between the dumping and stacking stones on the left, and place the second relay stone between the two on the right. Keep in mind that the second stone must be on the left cliff or the electric current will not connect.

Second puzzle

The second puzzle on Mount Kanna also contains two relay stones. It’s a bit tricky to finish because the area is extremely foggy. Make sure to light the flashlights to avoid getting lost in the haze. Screenshot by Guides You can find the foundation stone next to the stacking stone at the edge of the mountain. The other is next to a tree near the flashlight a little further. Place these two stones to the left and right of the stacking stone in the center, allowing the electric current to form.

Oina Beach

Head to the marked location on Oina Beach to find the puzzle, which contains two relay stones located at the nearby waterfront. Screenshot by Guides Simply place the two relay stones between the two dumping stones on the left and right and the stacking stone in the middle. Keep in mind that an electric current must be formed after placing each relay stone, otherwise the puzzle will not be completed.

Wakukau bench

Screenshot by Guides Typically, Relay Stones connect Discharge and Stack Stones to each other. But in Wakukau Shoal, you have to connect two relay stones to complete the puzzle. Screenshot by Guides Start by collecting the relay stones on both sides of the relief where the puzzle is located. Place a Relay Stone near the Landfill Stone on the right and adjust its position until they connect. Positioning the second relay stone can be a bit tricky, as you will need to find a good balance between the existing relay stone and the stacking stone on the left. If the second relay stone does not connect, adjust the position of the first until you form an electric current to complete the puzzle. Start exploring Tsurumi Island with our guide on How not to Get Lost in the Fog on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact – A World Quest Guide from a particularly special author.

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