How to put a banner on a shield in Minecraft

Shields can have an extra touch with banners, adding damage absorption and an excuse to show off designs. This is easily done with wool and any color will do.

Making the banner

Using six blocks of wool and a stick, a banner can be crafted using the crafting table. The lower center should have the stick while the middle and upper racks should have the six blocks of yarn for the recipe. Image via Mojang Studios After crafting a shield with wood planks and iron, it can be combined with a banner in the crafting menu. This can be seen automatically in the crafting menu, but the recipe has the shield in the center tile with the banner to the left or right of it. Wool can be obtained from sheep and wool of different colors can be obtained by using dye on sheep before killing or shearing them. Image Via Mojang Studios Related: How To Scissor In Minecraft Image Via Mojang Studios

Customize your banner

Image via Mojang Studios Using a loom, which consists of two wooden planks and two pieces of string, the banner can be further personalized with different designs. This is done by placing the banner in the Loom menu and adding any stain color to add preset designs. Each piece has its own name, so it’s simple to follow the guides for a specific design using the names of those decorations. Once a design is selected and printed on a banner, another can be added for different colors or make letters, faces and even the Mojang logo.

Preserve your shield

Using enchantments for the shield, such as Unbreaking and Mending, will preserve it for as long as possible. When the durability starts to drop, if players want to keep their enchantments as well as their banner, they will need to remove the banner. The banner can be remade easily, but an enchanted shield can be expensive to replace. Just create a new shield and redo the banner and combine the two using the anvil with the new shield on the left. To remove the banner from a shield, the same method can be used but with a blank banner to erase the design. Unless he’s enchanted, however, it might not be worth dumping the XP, and it might be better to create a new shield and banner from scratch. For more information on banner designs, see How to Create All Banner Templates in Minecraft on Guides.

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