How to preload Age of Empires IV

After 16 years, the next installment in the Age of Empires franchise has arrived. We’re here to make sure that on launch day, you don’t have to wait a second longer than necessary to begin your conquest of the Middle Ages. If you want to preload Age of Empires IV, the first step is to pre-order the game through one of the platforms it’s slated for release: Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft Store. Once you’ve pre-ordered the game, the next steps will be based on the platform you’re using.

To smoke

Once you pre-order, you will be able to see the game in your Steam library, but you will not be able to access it. Once the release date draws near you can open Age Of Empires IV in your Steam library and instead of the ‘Install’ button you will find an option to pre-load the game. Related: What is the release date of Age of Empires 4?

Xbox Game Pass / Microsoft Store

On Game Pass, go to the Microsoft Store. Then search for Age of Empires IV and on the game page you will find an option to install. Click the Install button and the game should be ready to play at launch. To purchase the game, this is the same page you will go to if you are not a Game Pass subscriber. If you are a Game Pass member you will just click on the install button (this will not buy the game) and if you are not you will use the menu options below to purchase then you will have access to the facility. It’s unclear when exactly the player will have the opportunity to begin their Age of Empires IV preload, but these steps will keep your download finger ready once that time is right. Looking to scratch that RTS Itch while you wait? Discover the best RTS games for PC on Guides

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