How to play co-op online with friends in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 offers players the ability to invite and play with their friends through its cooperative mode. So if you’re tired of progressing and completing missions on your own, look for a partner to double the fun. Here’s how to play co-op with your friend in Far Cry 6: Go to the main menu once the co-op is unlocked. Click on the Friends logo in the upper right corner of your screen. It will be next to your player icon. Select the Play with a friend option. Invite any friend you like. They must be online to appear on the list. Related: Where To Find The Autocrat Single Pistol In Far Cry 6? It’s pretty easy, no. You can also play with random players from all over the world if none of your friends are playing the game. There are two options for this: find a partner and become a partner. The former is only accessible while you are playing the story. Regarding the “Become a partner” option, you can check the box at the top to make yourself available to play. But there is something else you would like to know. The player who joins the other person’s game only receives cash, unlocked weapons, and XP. This means no story progression for you if you are not the host. For more Far Cry 6 guides, look at How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Far Cry 6 – Easter Egg Ending on Guides.

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