How to open the cabinet in Inscryption

Screenshot by Guides Inscryption is a horror deck builder where the player is trapped in a dark cabin with a mysterious figure. Throughout the game, the player will engage in card battles against that character and navigate a game map. Once the game map is deployed, the player is allowed to stand up and leave the table. This allows them to explore the interior of the cabin. There are many objects to interact with inside the cabin. One of them is a locked cabinet that cannot be interacted with until it is opened. The player will have to find a key to open the cabinet. The key is inside the safe which is on the other side of the room next to the door. Related: How to Open the Safe in Inscryption Once the safe is opened, the player can then grab the key and put it back in the cabinet. Insert the key into the cabinet and it will open, revealing a puzzle for the player to solve. There are four puzzles in total, but the last two only become available after solving the first two puzzles. Each solved puzzle will open a drawer in the cabinet that reveals the prize inside. After opening the safe and obtaining the key, these puzzles can be completed at any time. For more information on Inscryption, see How to Beat the Grizzly Bear Deck in Inscryption and How to Beat the Prospector in Inscryption on Guides.

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