How to make an American flag banner in Minecraft

By using a loom, more precise designs can be made for a banner. Some other specific items will be needed to be able to make a red and white striped flag with the familiar blue square in the corner.

Items Needed

There are a few things you need to know before you get started with flag making. A white or red banner must be made. Bone meal can be made from bone obtained from skeletons and then made into a white dye. Lily of the valley flower can also be used to make white dye and has a ratio of 1: 1, while one bone will make three bone meal to make three white dye. Red and blue dyes will also be needed. Red dye can be obtained by using poppies, red tulips, beets or roses. The blue dye can be achieved by using lapis lazuli or corn blossoms. Image via Mojang Studios The last item required is the loom and banner to put everything together. The recipe for a loom requires only two wooden planks and two pieces of string. Related: How To Make All Minecraft Dyes

Use of the loom

The banner used must be red or white for the base. Regardless of the color of the banner used, the stripes of that color will be at the top and bottom. Placing the banner in the loom with the opposite color dye will show the many designs available. For the stripes, use the Paly pattern which will have the color of the dye as a prefix so it will be either White Paly or Red Paly. For the blue corner of the flag, use the design named Chief Dexter Canton in the loom menu. Once the design is complete, the flag should be finished and can be hung or placed on a shield. Players can even easily duplicate the banner by creating other blank banners and crafting them with the flag. Placing the American flag in the center of the craft grid, with another blank banner below, will duplicate the design on the new banner. For more guides regarding banner designs, look at How to Create All Banner Templates in Minecraft on Guides.

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