How to make a bow and arrows in the forest

Image via PlayStation Store Obtaining a ranged weapon like a bow and arrow in Forest will help you gain a huge advantage during the early stages of the game. Unlike a spear, a bow kills animals and cannibals with one hit in the head, helping you finish your fight much faster and safely. To craft a bow and arrows, you need to collect sticks, cloths, ropes, and feathers from the vast forest around you. Here is a detailed guide on how to craft the bow and arrows.

Make a bow in the forest

Image via Steam To craft a bow you will need to collect the following ingredients. 1 stick – To collect sticks, cut down small shrubs or small, thin trees. 1 Fabric – Clothing is one of the easiest commodities to find in the Forest universe. You can collect clothes from suitcases, beaches and fabric crates. 1 Rope – Pieces of rope can be forged from caves, yachts, small boats, and cannibalistic villages. Related: Best Rust Skins

Make an arrow in the forest

A bow is nothing more than a centerpiece if you don’t have arrows to shoot. A total of two different materials are needed to craft a basic arrow. 1 stick – As mentioned earlier, chop down small bushes or small thin trees to get sticks. 5 feathers – You can easily collect feathers from any bird. Killing a single bird will give you 3-5 feathers. If you are not a fan of killing innocent virtual birds, you can always collect their fallen feathers inside caves and under trees. After collecting the prescribed ingredients, open your backpack and combine them on the crafting mat. Both items will be added to your inventory and you can start hunting immediately. Keep in mind that the arc being manufactured will wear out / deteriorate over time, depending on your usage. For more awesome guides, look at the Games section on Guides.

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