How to make a best friend in BitLife?

To create and get a best friend in BitLife, you will need to increase an in-game NPC’s relationship to max rank and continually interact with them in a positive way. When their relationship bar is at full or high, they will eventually become friends with you, but if you want to make them a better friend, you will need to continue spending time with them. Sooner or later you will get an event that will make this NPC your best friend in the game. But in the meantime, you will have to continue spending time with them to keep their relationship high. Related: How to Post 10 BitLife Videos to Youtube in BitLife? We recommend buying them gifts, using the hang out option, and other cool options like giving them compliments. You can all of these options under their relationship tab activities, which include all of the following. Gift Spending Time Movies Donating Money Conversation Compliment We strongly recommend that you use the options and activities above to make new friends and best friends. It will also have the added benefit of increasing your happiness in having a friend and spending time with them. Making friends and best friends are often goals for Bitlife’s weekly challenges, so by following these steps you’ll learn how to complete them if they spawn again. Check out some of our other awesome Bitlife guides!

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